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Sword of Merlin

Sword of Merlin: 
Merlin is, perhaps, almost as famous a name as Arthur. Arthurs tutor in his informative years, Merlin taught Arthur everything he needed to know to be king. The Merlin the Magician Sword, by Marto, pays tribute this inscrutable character. This beautifully made fantasy sword has a very particular shaped, tempered, steel blade ornamented on the upper part with a metal plaque depicting the wizards head on a wyrms body. The silver-plated, cast metal hilt is ornamented with many symbolic figures in relief and capped by a very smooth metal sphere. Despite being a force for good, Merlin was enigmatic to all who knew him, even his student, who possibly knew him best. And nothing represents that mystery better than the Merlin the Magician Sword by Marto.

Key Features:
AISI 440 Stainless Steel Blade
Silver Plated Hilt
Overall length: 122 cm.

Vi har fått tak i et lagerparti originale Martosverd (og annet). 
Ved kjøp av flere Martoprodukter  gir vi deg 20% rabatt på alle!!! 

Marto - Espadas y Sables de Toledo

Luxery, high class Swords and Weapons from Toledo, Spain. 

Continuing the over 2000 year old tradition of the "Fábrica Nacional de Armas de Toledo"



Produktkode: LAMA-770

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