Highlander Sorcerers Katana

Highlander Sorcerers Katana

Sorcerers Katana wielded by Kane in the Highlander Final Dimension. The blade is of high polished 440 stainless steel and leads into a matt black detailed tsuba. A black dragon with folded wings holding a globe  creates the handle for this item. The Scabbard is finished in a matt black imitation leather.

Total / Blade length: 97 cms 
Blade: High Quality Torledo Steel
Scabbard: Detailed Aluminium.

BLADE STAMPS: "Marto Torledo, Made in Spain" with Marto "M"

Vi har fått tak i et lagerparti originale Martosverd (og annet). 
Ved kjøp av flere Martoprodukter  gir vi deg 20% rabatt på alle!!! 

Marto - Espadas y Sables de Toledo

Luxery, high class Swords and Weapons from Toledo, Spain. 

Continuing the over 2000 year old tradition of the "Fábrica Nacional de Armas de Toledo"


Produktkode: LAMA-8170-1

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